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Daniela Spinello


Hi! I am Daniela and I am a receptionist at Hotel Indigo. I am originally from Italy, precisely from a very small town near the Western Alps, but I have never felt in love with my hometown.

I have started to travel few years ago and, on a cold day of January 2009, I had the opportunity to discover the most beautiful city I had ever seen: Edinburgh! My holidays around Scotland were too short, but for the first time I felt like this place was The One, the place that I could call Home.

It hasn’t been easy to move here on a permanent basis, I have lived to another Italian city first, to the North of Scotland for a while, then Brazil and Argentina, London and finally, 3 years ago, I settled in the amazing area of Portobello and I don’t plan to move any time soon!

My biggest passion is traveling and nothing else can beat it! I always try new hobbies that might not require so much time or money (eh eh), but no, nothing grabs my attention! I have been very lucky until today and I have been in 25 Countries around 5 Continents. My plan is to never stop!!! I am a great planner and I can spend months studying a new destination and searching for the best way to visit it according to all the requirements that we have (did I mention time, money, …?).

I have studied Human Resources Management at Uni and I have experience in many different sectors as Recruitment, Purchasing, IT, Customer Service and Tourism, now I am enjoying learning about Hospitality!

I am very proud of how quickly I have become independent in my role at the hotel and I have to thank the amazing Reception team that I have the pleasure to work with. Everything in the Splendid family screams “individuality” and I couldn’t find it more exciting! I totally agree with working in the “Splendid Way” and I firmly believe that respecting other people and keeping our promises should always be everybody’s values.

I love working with people and I really appreciate the opportunity to be the first person they see when they arrive at the hotel or the last when they leave. I feel a genuine interest in what the guests think about the hotel, the city and I never stop talking about how beautiful it is and how lucky they are to be here!

The best thing I have learnt in my life is to never give up. No matter what the situation around you is in a certain moment, there is still time to change it in your favour, or at least to try. I have learnt to think about my life, to question my choices, to stop regretting for the past and to start taking responsibility for the future. If there is any advice I could give to anybody, it would be: do never stop if you are not totally happy, find your way, find your path and work hard to get where you want!

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