Splendid Family

Jack Ginard


My name is Jack and I am from Crawley, what I love most about working for Splendid is the fact I get to meet people from all over the World who come from different cultures and have fascinating stories to tell.

My colleagues are all amazing and its very satisfying giving excellent customer service to our guests and trying to improve our service, and get better every day.

I have been at the company for 3 years and this was my first experience as a receptionist, which I absolutely love doing. I have grown in confidence and learnt so much since working here, working hard in a great team and helping each other improve every day is also why this company is very special.

In my spare time, I like to play football, go to the gym and socialize with my friends. I like to have a good laugh and love a cheeky little visit to the pub every now and then!

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If you could have one super power, which will it be?

To fly, although I couldn’t blame the traffic if I was running late.