Splendid Family

John Holroyd

Cluster General Manager

Hi! I am John Holroyd and I was born in Bradford, England.

I started work in a converted windmill in Norfolk from school as a Trainee Chef before moving back to the North when I was 17. I am experienced in all aspects of working in a hotel, all of my working life has been in hospitality, first and foremost as a Chef working through the ranks to Head Chef and then taking a totally different path and going into management training to become a General Manager in 2001.

My hobbies are playing and watching football, myself and my young son are season ticket holders at Bradford City! The team that defies football logic and beats all the big teams and loses to the smaller teams. I am very passionate about spending quality time with my family as in this industry it can be difficult to get this at times. I like to work and play very hard!

I love sleeping and spending time with my family and friends. My passions are; football, good food and good drink!

The culture at Splendid is really open and honest, I don’t feel afraid to make decisions and try new things, I think with the company being relatively small it is exciting to think we can all contribute to the way the company goes forward!

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What’s something that you have done at Splendid that you’re really proud of?

To successfully integrate my team into the Splendid network after being taken over by them, and retain many of my team as we are very close and it was quite an unsettling time at first. We met lots of new people who quickly supported us. Also, I recently finished the Change Readiness (Splendid Internal) programme which was an amazing experience, especially given the privilege of working on my group presentation with Louise Phelps – Group Talent Manager.

If you could describe Splendid in 3 words, what would they be?

Caring, Supportive and Challenging.

What opportunities have you had here that you didn’t expect when you joined the business?

I really did not expect to be chosen for Change Readiness being so new to the business and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I have learnt many quirky ways which will stay with me. It also gave me the opportunity to grow personally and sort out many personal and financial areas that I had neglected.

What’s your working pattern/everyday schedule?

My work pattern is sometimes longer days but is very rewarding working with a vibrant team is great! I like to work differently a lot of the time and give my team freedom and confidence to express themselves with myself and our guests! Openness is key for me, any problem big or small-let`s do our best to sort it! I am lucky that I work with a small team, so at any given time of the day I can be in a totally different area of the business.

What does it mean to be a part of the Splendid Family?

For me it means I am part of an exciting and growing company that I can share my ideas and we can easily grow them for the benefit of the organisation as we develop together.

What do you love most about your team and the Family?

The relationship and support from my Line Manager and the confidence he gives me that I do things well!

Is there a specific project you have worked on here that has really impacted you or the company?

The ability to be my own business leader but have the support network close by. Change Readiness has impacted myself greatly and I am starting to work on projects following this that will hopefully make a nice change to the business!

What is your favourite song?

My favourite song is Paul Weller-You do something to me as this was a song I played to death when my wife was pregnant with my first child Catherine. I used to play it and sing to her in my wife’s tummy and it still to this day makes me really emotional as having children enriched my life in a way I cannot describe. The funny thing is though my daughter is now 14 and it`s really not cool to sing it to her any more, but of course I still do! (just never in public)