Splendid Family

Shelley Gleeson

Personal Assistant to Chairman

I am Shelley, from Middlesex, left school at 16. My first position was as a Post Room Junior at a Film Processing Company, I left 26 years later as the PA to the Managing Director and Finance Director.

My main hobby is Combat Jujitsu, well I turn up every Monday and try, and on Tuesday come into work covered in bruises.

At Splendid not every day is the same where my job is concerned, however, it does always start with “word of the day”, a cup of Tea and a giggle, with Sue and Jean my colleagues and friends at Head Office.

My main aim at Splendid it to always make at least one person smile once a day.

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What’s something that you have done at Splendid that you’re really proud of?

Help co-ordinate the Opening launch of the Hilton London Bankside hotel.

What is the most unusual item on your desk?

Well, the most unusual items I have on my desk is a little plastic fairy and a tub of tiger balm.

What does it mean to be a part of the Splendid Family?

I was extremely apprehensive when I first started at Splendid, after having worked for the same company for 26 years, it becomes part of your family. However, I need not have worried as I feel as though I have always been here, Great Team, Great Family.